Official EU Car Sourcing & Sales

We provide Roll on roll off services, Containerised and Break Bulk Shipping.

When it comes to exporting vehicles inside the EU, DN Pacifica is a pioneer in the industry.

From locating or sourcing vehicles to purchasing and exporting them; Be it individual new cars or bulk purchase we can ship any form of vehicles from the Europe to private or commercial clients all over the world.

We have the added advantage of having the recognition of the UKTI, which is a UK government department handling exports as well as being on the approved exporters list.

Source & Ship

Fastest shipping with shore-to-shore shipment status notification
Our endeavours are to utilize our experience and commercial knowledge to help professionals, enthusiasts and private clients who are looking to own the car of their dreams.

Locating Vehicles For Export

Shipping And Logistic Services

Vehicles Offered In Various Currencies

Trade To Trade Service

EU & Middle East export Sales

Private Sales

Registration Of Imports

We Make Things Easier For You

Uncomplicated hassle-free process

DN Pacifica Exports has the reputation of being dependable volume car exporters – We are licensed and insured and we provide the most comprehensive service available for exporting vehicles directly from the Europe. We have years of experience in doing what we do best and we have satisfied clients from all over the world.

Step 1

Select your Vehicle
Go through our vehicle listing and choose the vehicle that you want and contact us. If the vehicle you search for is not in our stock, contact us and specify the model you need and we will try to locate one and get back to you.

Step 2

Live video tour
We will live stream the vehicle we located for you either on Skype, Viber or Facetime. Our team will be there during the livesteam, ready to answer any of your questions. We will also provide you with the CIF price during this session.

Step 3

Confirm & Reserve
Once we can come to an agreement on the CIF price, we’ll send you a Proforma Invoice (P/I). This means that you can go ahead with the payments. Once the Proforma invoice is issued, the vehicle will be placed on hold till the due date.

Step 4

Proceed with Payment
The payment details and account details are provided with the invoice. Once the payment is completed you can email or fax us with a LC or Payment proof. Once the payment is confirmed we will ready the vehicle for export.

Step 5

Vehicle Shipping Process
Once the payment funds are received , an Official Commercial Invoice will be emailed to you confirming that the payment has been received. After this we will confirm the shipment. The vehicle will be packed in container or RORO Vessel, two days prior to vessel departure. Once ship leaves the Europe, we will send an Email to you confirming vehicle has been shipped.

Step 6

Export Cars from Europe Delivery & Clearing
If you have decided to use our land transport services or our clearing agents, our agent will contact you to inform vehicle delivery and arrival. They will assist you with every aspect of the delivering and clearing process. If you have your own agents, you can engage with them to start the clearing process.

Export A Car from Europe Risk Free

The main factor that customers think of when exporting car from Europe or any other country for that matter is risk. Is the risk exporting cars from an unknown car exporter worth the potential reward at the end? Well, if you use DN Pacifica Exports we go above and beyond to reduce that risk and to make sure you get your desired final result, your dream car, without any issues.

We have been Exporting thousands of vehicles for years now and we have thousands of clients, whose experiences confirm just how great our service is. We have a great reputation among European car exporters and we achieved that by making sure that none of our customers end up being disappointed and that is a guarantee that we not going to break.

Benefits of Using DN Pacifica Export Services
• Being able to get the exact vehicle that you want
• Being able to acquire luxury or high-quality vehicles not available in the local market
• Being able to bypass the middlemen and purchase vehicle at a lower cost
• Quick service, with inquiry to delivery within 2 months time
• Safety and security, due to EU vehicles coming with strict regulations and complete histories


If you are a customer from a NON European Union wanting to export a used VAT Qualifying vehicle outside of the EU, then there is possibility for you to claim back the VAT on all VAT Qualifying invoiced vehicles. We have a great collection of used VAT qualifying vehicles in our stock which you can take a look at.

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