Marketing Strategy

Our New Market Entry Strategy for China and Central Asia

Many businesses want to expand profitably into new markets. They often attempt to capitalise on growing business opportunities in new geographic areas or explore new avenues of growth within their region. Either way, companies accelerate their growth when they successfully gain entry to new markets. Yet history shows that most market entry initiatives fail.

To help our clients mitigate risks and prosper in new markets, we develop a deep understanding of market dynamics and create detailed action plans.



The decision to expand into a new market must be made only after weighing up opportunities against obstacles. Our consulting teams help clients systematically analyse market sizes, infrastructure, barriers, and trends in foreign markets and evaluate the potential future demand for their products or services. We discuss the attractiveness of avenues for growth in these markets and translate our findings into clear, comprehensive market insights.



Following the initial market assessment, our consultants profile and analyse potential future competitors to identify areas where the market is saturated and thereafter chart unmet marketplace needs. We take challenges posed by potential competitors into account and help clients avoid unnecessary risks and harmful competition while entering new markets.



A thorough analysis of the potential upsides against the downsides of expanding into a new market is required to make an unbiased entry decision. To achieve this, we follow a disciplined approach to help clients calculate the viability and costs of entering a market and the potential return on investment. We also examine similar decisions made by analogous organisations in the past to determine what is needed for a successful entry.



Our carefully designed go-to-market strategy proposals hedge investments against challenges and enable the capitalisation of new opportunities. We help clients understand the complexities of their new market, seek out suitable business partners in the local area, and objectively assess their own capabilities. Ultimately, we partner with our clients to select the optimal mode of entry considering multiple business scenarios and map out an effective investment journey.


Market Entry Success
Increase your chances of successfully entering new markets, keep your foothold secure for the long run.

Market Penetration
Allure an increasing number of consumers in your next market, rapidly expand the reach of your business.

Return on Investment
Get more out of your investment in new markets by making savvy business decisions. Maximise the value you create.

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