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Founded in 2019, the DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd is a manufacturer-independent provider of luxury vehicle rentals Club Car Sharing services. Our Head Office is located between Portsmouth and Chichester on the South Coast of England.

About DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd

The company’s two founders are auto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from the worlds of car trading and investment advisory, who now offer customers their decades of experience under one roof.  Thanks to their experience we are able to offer exclusive and premium vehicles, they quickly spotted a niche in the market:

The manufacturer-independent and flexible acquisition and long-term rental of luxury vehicles. DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd is filling this niche.

If you have an affinity to luxury vehicles, appreciate a bold design philosophy, latest technology and outstanding performance? Then this is your place… 

We offer an outstanding selection of exclusive vehicles that – depending on the particular program – are tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.  Currently we offer different vehicle models from manufacturers such as Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-AMG, and Rolls Royce .

You can choose and configure a brand new vehicle or just choose from our current stock. Of course, you also have the option to purchase the leased vehicle at a preferential price after the rental period has come to an end.

We stand for:

Exclusivity, mobility and flexibility.

Car Listings

Here are a few of our most popular models.

Range Rover Sport SVR

£350 per day

Hire a Range Rover

A powerful sport utility vehicle like no other. Hire a Range Rover from DN Pacifica Leasing LTD today and you’ll never want to return it. Contact the team for more information.

The Range Rover hire is one of the great motoring icons, and it’s every bit as compelling a proposition today as it was when it was first introduced more than 40 years ago.

The Land Rover Range Rover (generally known simply as a Range Rover) is a full-sized luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) from Land Rover, a marque of Jaguar Land Rover. The Range Rover was launched in 1970 by British Leyland. This flagship model is now in its fourth generation.

The instantly recognisable appearance of the Range Rover rental commands the attention of other road users and has innovative technologies and a smooth performance to boot.

Makes driving, on or off road a breeze whatever you Range Rover you opt for.

Rent a Range Rover TODAY from DN Pacifica Leasing LTD

Bentley Continental GT

£850 per day

Hire a Bentley

The irresistible combination of luxury and performance.

Enjoy the variety of Bentleys for hire on offer at DN Pacifica Leasing LTD, with delivery throughout the UK. Being the popular choice for many, a Bentley rental offers the perfect combination of luxury and performance.

Bentley has always had a dual focus; luxury and performance, and the idea that they are complementary to create an irresistible combination. You can enjoy this unique and unparalleled marriage when you hire a Bentley from DN Pacifica Leasing LTD.

We have focused on choosing luxury car hires that encompass everything that Bentley have to offer. You can rent one of our luxurious Bentleys from as little as £550 a day, giving you access to a refined, elegant driving experience without sacrificing performance.

Prestige specialise in hiring some of the very best cars in the world and our Bentleys for hire are no different.

Rent a Bentley today from DN Pacifica Leasing LTD.

Audi A8L

£195 per day

Hire an audi

Classic luxury combined with high performance.

Rent an Audi at DN Pacifica Leasing LTD to experience the very best in performance and luxury. With delivery available throughout the UK, Audi car hire is quick and simple to arrange.

Audi are one of the world’s leading premium automotive brands, with a range of cars featuring state-of-the-art technology and market leading quality. Here at DN Pacifica Leasing LTD we’ve done our best to cater to the needs of any Audi enthusiast, by putting together a broad range of Audis rentals available for hire.

Our range of Audi hire cars include classics like the Audi TT, executive models like the luxurious A6 TDI and a super car; the R8 coupe. When you hire an Audi with DN Pacifica Leasing LTD, you’re getting access to a luxury, high-performance car at a reasonable price.

Rent an Audi today from DN Pacifica Leasing LTD.

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Our Trusted Car Brands

These are all the brand of car that we can supply for you.


Do you have an affinity for luxury vehicles and appreciate convincing design, the latest technologies and outstanding performance? Then you are exactly right here.

Because the two founders of DN Pacifica Leasing are car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs they have bundled their decades of experience under one roof and, thanks to their irrepressible enjoyment of exclusive and high-quality luxury cars, they quickly realised that the market had a service gap:

The manufacturer-independent and flexible purchase and long-term rental of luxury vehicles . DN Pacifica Leasing closes this gap.


For the leasing program  , we offer you a selection of exclusive luxury vehicles that, depending on the program, are tailored to your individual needs. In this way we provide you with the highest levels of exclusivity, mobility and flexibility.

There are two main differences between us and other providers: Regardless of whether you opt for the long-term rental program or our Club Car Sharing offer, with us you have a minimum contract term of only 6 months . This means that you remain flexible and can always decide on a new or more up-to-date luxury car in a timely manner.

With our “ Concierge Service ” we take care of your mobility so that you can concentrate on “driving fun”.


Our long-term rental with a minimum contract term of only 6 months gives you maximum flexibility.

This means that you have no problems if you want to change your run-in luxury car after a few months or if you want to purchase the high-class vehicle with our advantageous purchasing conditions . We are of course happy to take care of the most important issues such as insurance, vehicle tax or maintenance.

Our concierge service and our personal day / night advice will make your life as easy as possible. During your long-term rental, you can lean back and relax and enjoy the wind. We’ll do the rest.

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