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The idea for DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd was born when two entrepreneurs from the car trade and car rental sectors discovered that the market lacked a supplier for flexible and manufacturer-independent acquisition and rental of luxury vehicles.  With the professional support of our investors, the founders were able to develop an innovative concept for the rental and purchase of high-class cars. First, the original idea had to be developed into a profitable business plan.  Assisted by our investors we set about analyzing customer structures, establishing contacts with well-known automobile manufacturers and developing successful marketing strategies, e.g. by creating an appealing website, with comprehensive know-how. In addition,they advised the founders on important questions of financing and foundation structure and thus ensured financial and legal security.

During the growth phase DN Pacifica Group also accompanied the development of the personnel organisation and provided premises and personnel that were precisely tailored to the needs of the respective departments.   The result was DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd, a flourishing start-up company that was able to offer a large selection of exclusive brands and respond precisely to the individual wishes of its customers within a very short time. In fact, the great success of the company has already created the basis for international expansion within a few months in to Europe.


 What we do!



Whoever chooses DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd and its products can experience a high degree of flexibility and innovation in the world of the automotive industry.  Because with our concept of long-term rental, we do not only offer you exclusive vehicles from the world’s best-known manufacturers with a minimum contract period of 6 months (manufacturer dependent) and above, but we also go one step further and offer you the possibility of enjoying our vehicles via our short-term rental program.

These programs are tailored to your personal needs, so you can decide whether you want to lease a vehicle for 12-24 months. Is that too long for you? Then use our long-term rental program!  Here you can return the vehicle after 6 months!




DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd  “CARSHARING”

Our Club-CarSharing concept is our very special offer for you! With a defined group of persons (3-6 persons) you can freely rent an exclusive pool of luxury vehicles. This means that you can always change the vehicle every 2-4 months (depending on the group of people).

You can rent a serious limousine, like the Mercedes-AMG E63, to go to a business meeting and later that day lease a sports car, like the Porsche 911, to celebrate the successes achieved. At the weekend you can enjoy the sun with one of our luxury convertibles. With this program we offer the highest possible flexibility!



DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd CAR RENTAL

With our exclusive long-term rental you can lease the most desired luxury cars in the world. Whether you want to rent a luxury limousine, lease a sports car or drive a luxury convertible, with us you will find everything you desire.

All models are always new vehicles and configured according to your individual ideas. You can rent a fully equipped Range Rover, lease a Mercedes-AMG with extra horsepower or choose a Lamborghini designed according to your wishes.

With a minimum contract period of only 6 months, you can always stay at the cutting edge of technology or you choose our leasing-program. Thus, you can lease a companion for 12-24 months.

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Our aim is to reduce the distance to our customers or suppliers by ensuring a professional approach, simplified procedures and smooth communication.

To do this day in, day out, DN Pacifica Leasing Ltd has a motivated team of specialists. Our team members are more than just contacts: they are also your trusted person, somebody who will deliberate with you to identify opportunities and possibilities.

Thanks to our highly efficient IT-system, we closely monitor the progress of orders and deliveries from start to finish.

Our key driver? Complete satisfaction of our customers and suppliers!

Our team guarantees

• Professionals with in-depth knowledge
• Fast and accurate communication
• Flexible approach
• Multilingual staff members
• Global network
• Passion for cars



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